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Piedmont Balsamic Vinegar
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In the northern region of Italy in the province of Lombardy, there is a village called Dublin where Antonio Nonini was born. At age 16, Antonio left Italy and came to America to start a new life. He brought with him grapevine cuttings and settled in the San Joaquin Valley in California where he started a winery in 1936 called Nonini Winery. With his love for his Italian heritage, he also made his own old world vinegars from old Roman traditions. He made three different kinds of vinegars. Piedmont Old World Vinegar which is aged 1-3 years, Lombardy Old World Vinegar aged 4-6 years for a smoother flavor, and Tuscan Old World Vinegar that is aged 9-12 years for a mellow taste. Today, Antonio's great grandson, Matthew Nonini, carries on his family tradition for you and your family to enjoy.